Friday, June 26, 2009

GenesisEthnicBodyCare on Etsy is on hiatus!

GenesisEthnicBodyCare has taken a summer hiatus from it's Etsy shop due to unexpected personal situations I am going through (nothing bad I assure you!). The Etsy shop will reopen in August. Until then, if you would like to order a product, please contact GenesisEthnicBodyCare directly at From there you can request a product brochure or list via email to purchase from if you do not remember which products you like.

Thank you for bearing with GenesisEthnicBodyCare on Etsy throughout this adjustment and I look forward to resuming business with everyone come August!

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Terry said...

This was a great blog and you should keep up with it. I am following you just incase you decide to do so.

I also promote natural products and if you are still into it...maybe we could do something together.
Check out my blog and maybe follow me back.

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